Friday, May 25, 2012

2001 analysis - part 57: Kubrick gives us a warning


From The Silence of the Lambs: Above left: Clarice Starling deciphers Hannibal Lecter's clue to the authorities, as to the supposed name of the serial killer she is seeking: Clarice determines that "Louis Friend" is an anagram for "iron sulfide", which is also known as fool's gold. The point is that Lecter has given a false clue in order to misdirect the authorities. Above right: A short while later, Lecter spits up a pen clip that he had hidden under his tongue. He subsequently uses the clip to undo his handcuffs and escape from his cell in Memphis. The magician, Houdini, would sometimes use the method of hiding a key in his mouth, to help him escape from various contraptions.

Heywood Floyd's name is an anagram for "Defy Holy Wood." 'Holy Wood' is here a reference to Guaiacum sanctum, a species of flowering plant in the creosote bush family which is commonly known as Holywood or Holywood Lignum-vitae.[a] According to T.H. White's version of the King Arthur story The Once and Future King, this is the wood from which the magical wand of Merlin is made.[b] The point is that ultimately, the 'Holy Wood' obtained from the anagram of Floyd's name is a reference to magic wands. Stage magicians often use magic wands as part of their misdirection. Misdirection is a form of deception in which the attention of a group of persons is focused on one thing in order to distract its attention from another.

The relationship of the foregoing to A Space Odyssey, is that Kubrick is using certain things in his movie, such as the false idea that the purpose of the monolith is unknown, the 'edited' Jupiter mission film, etc., to tell us that the real-life media has kept the public's attention focused on various topics over the years, the constant reporting of which directs the public's attention away from a massive, fundamental shift that has been taking place for the last several decades: the destruction of the very fabric of our society by certain evil Jews working in concert with radical feminists. The mainstream news media has been systematically omitting the reporting of anything that might suggest we have suffered any ill effects due to, or exacerbated by, these evil forces, such as, for example, the deleterious effects on society of the increasing rate of fatherlessness, in terms of its negative effects on children.

Above left: The idea that the monolith on the moon is something that has just been discovered, is a false one. It is part of the fictional story Jupiter mission viewers on Earth are going to be given, to account for the monolith's presence. Above right: HAL's camera eyes on Disovery One are being used to broadcast and/or record the Jupiter mission, for viewers on Earth. The fictional version of the monolith scenario, and the fact that the mission film/broadcast is to have certain parts 'edited' out, comprise a 'metaphor' for how the real-life mainstream media has misdirected the public.

One of Kubrick's purposes in making the Dawn of Man segment of the movie appear as if it could be set in Africa instead of Mexico, is to show us how convincingly things can be made to appear other than what they are in reality.[c] Things being made to look other than they really are, is one method by which radical feminists and the Jew-controlled mainstream media have fooled us, for example, by presenting us with false information and statistics regarding domestic violence and other phenomena. (The linked-to site reveals information which has been hidden from the public, by the mainstream media and other parties).

With his warning to Defy Holy Wood, Kubrick is telling us to defy misdirection such as that conjured up by various persons in positions of authority, by certain people in the entertainment industry and news media, and by those in agenda-driven special interest groups, such as radical feminists.

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c. As described earlier in the analysis, Kubrick believed that in reality, Man originated in some part of what is now Mexico.


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