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2001 analysis - part 56: The mission film's intended audience


Earlier in this analysis we saw that a partially-'faked' film and/or broadcast of the Jupiter mission is being made, and that part of the mission is actually being filmed in the space station instead of on Discovery One. We know (because of the red symbolism in the station, as previously mentioned) that HAL's camera 'eyes' are present in the station; the meeting with Floyd and the others, which supposedly takes place at Clavius (on the moon), is actually being filmed in the space station as well, since the participants in the meeting can be seen to be under the influence of 'normal' gravity, as opposed to the reduced gravity of the moon. Things that we know take place in 2001 which are not to be part of the film/broadcast include the fighting among the six astronauts at TMA-1 (after the monolith starts making a high-pitched noise), the attack on Poole (and certain related events) during the Jupiter mission, and nothing that takes place in the interior of the moonbus, since we don't see HAL's eye there. (The red color of the cockpit only indicates that the two men piloting the bus are hit men sent by Satan).

Above left: The red coloring at the far right side of the space station, suggests the presence of HAL's camera 'eyes' on the station. Above right: As a photographer walks between the meeting room tables, we can see that he is under the influence of 'normal' gravity. This is a hint that the meeting is actually taking place on the rotating space station, not on the moon.

It was determined in the analysis of Pulp Fiction on this blog that the 'Gold Watch' scenario in Tarantino's movie, symbolizes the leading edge baby boomers (those Americans born during the years 1946-1955) giving their children's generation (Generation Y) a false version of history. (Technically speaking, some of the leading edge baby boomers' children are members of Generation X, the generation born immediately prior to Y, but for convenience we will here refer to them as if they are all members of Generation Y. Members of Generation Y are sometimes called millenials.) As it turns out, it is precisely this generation which is the target audience for the 'movie within a movie' being made within A Space Odyssey: Kubrick was saying (actually, predicting, in 1968) that the generation whose parents are leading edge boomers, will have been brainwashed by these boomers, by having been given a false version of history by around the year 2001 (i.e., by around the beginning of the 21st century): Generation Y will be the first generation raised on feminism. Members of this generation will not know of the confrontation between the unconscious (the feminine) and the intellect (the masculine), since they are not to be shown the TMA-1 showdown. They are not to know that the aliens, who represent evil (or 'radical') femininity, are stealing diamonds from Earth and transporting them to Jupiter for their own gain, but are instead to believe that the reason for the trip to the moon, and thence to Jupiter, has as its purpose to investigate the source and meaning of the monolith. The general idea is that Kubrick was predicting that by the time of the coming of age of the children of the leading edge boomers, history will have been revised and re-written so that this new generation, and those subsequent to it, will not know what actually went down with regard to what Jung called the 'feminine principle' asserting its place, nor will they know that certain evil women (radical feminists) conspired with very evil men to achieve their ends. These generations will not know what the true source of our current social malaise is.

The question then becomes, who were these evil men in reality? The answer is that they are precisely the creators of the false film/broadcast, i.e., they are men who run the entertainment industry and the news media. Let us consider that portion of people belonging to Generation Y who were born between the years 1981 and 1989. In the year 2001, these persons were in the age range 12-20, and the leading edge boomers were in the range 46-55; the former is a prime age range for being subjected to brainwashing, and the latter an appropriate range for influential persons in the entertainment industry (and news media).

It's largely due to that portion of leading edge boomers who comprise the historical 'hippies' that our current situation has become so undesirable, since they are the people who, back in the 1960's, heavily contributed to making the atmosphere conducive for the public's acceptance of ideologies such as feminism.

Kubrick predicted that the popular media would eventually come to be run primarily by Jews; thus the idea of radical feminists conspiring with 'bad Jews' in the entertainment industry and news media, to brainwash the subsequent generations. The use of the words "conspired" and "conspiring" in the foregoing, is not meant to imply that the parties involved actually sat down together at some point and decided to brainwash everyone. However, etymologically speaking, the English word "conspire" comes from the Latin conspīrāre, which literally means, "to breathe together" (from spīrāre, "to breathe").[a] Radical feminists and certain powerful persons in the entertainment industry and news media, operate in harmony so closely that they effectively 'breathe together'.

Recall that just prior to his interview of Bowman and Poole, Mr. Amor mentions that there is a seven-minute delay between when the two astronauts speak and when their words are heard by Mr. Amor, due to the time required for radio waves to travel the eighty million miles from Discovery One to Earth. Amor also mentions that the delay has been edited out of his pre-recorded program. All of this is a hint from Kubrick - it refers to the seven-second broadcast delay used by television and radio stations when doing live interviews and shows, in order to prevent profanity, bloopers, and other undersirable aspects of these interviews and shows from reaching audiences. The point of Kubrick's hint is that the Discovery mission, and the monolith at TMA-1, are in fact being shown to viewers on Earth, but with undesirable events such as the fighting at TMA-1 'edited out'.

As mentioned earlier in the analysis, Frank's skimpy manner of dress in this scene, is an indication that he and Dave Bowman have been periodically having gay sex during the Jupiter mission.

Carl Jung tells us that the chemical wedding must be between man and woman.[b] One reason Kubrick is depicting Bowman and Poole as not engaging in any kind of 'final union' with each other, is to get across the idea that there can never be a truly complete union between two people of the same sex (though as stated above, the two men are periodically having gay sex with each other while on their voyage). But even if there had been a female astronaut on Discovery One in place of Frank Poole, there wouldn't have been a complete citrinitas, because 'radical' femininity (in the form of the alien), and the Jews who Kubrick believed control the popular media (as represented by Satan's 'presence' in the movie), would still have ruined everything, using the same method we've already described (the false 'diagnosis' of the AE-35 unit, the attack using the pod, making Bowman forget his space helmet, etc.). And, if Bowman had been sitting outside the ship with a woman in tow instead of a man, HAL wouldn't have been any more likely to let the pod enter the bay, even if he's no longer working with the alien by this point.

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b. That Jung regards the chemical (i.e., chymical) wedding as a union between man and woman, is evident from his Psychology and Alchemy: "Here the supreme opposites, male and female (as in the Chinese yang and yin), are melted into a unity purified of all opposition and therefore incorruptible." (--Jung, C.G., The Collected Works of C.G. Jung, Vol. 12, Princeton University Press, 1968, para. 43.) Gay unions obviously do not consist of supreme opposites, nor do unions between transsexuals, since a person cannot be surgically or otherwise modified such that he or she acquires all of the traits and characteristics of the opposite sex. Also, incestuous unions do not consist of supreme opposites, since each partner has some of the other within him/her, due to their familial relationship.


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