Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2001 analysis - part 64: Clarification on the meaning of the end sequence




The flashing of Heywood Floyd's image on a video screen on Discovery One (top left and top center), is reflected in Bowman's space helmet as Bowman goes into a trance-like state (top right). Floyd, whom as stated earlier had had his body occupied by an alien life force, pre-recorded this message (while an alien) so that Bowman, the Jupiter mission commander, would hear it and obey it after he disconnected HAL. Note that what Floyd says in his recorded message indicates that he 'knows' the ship is now in Jupiter space, and he thinks that the three hibernating crew members have been revived. Also recall that Bowman was present at TMA-1 - the alien 'individual' occupying Floyd's body at that time (the same one who later 'combines' with Bowman) 'used' TMA-1 to set up Bowman's psyche so that he (Bowman) would see the need to unite all opposites within himself, then dissolve the internal tension of opposites. The point is, the alien set up Bowman's mind knowing that it would later be him who would view this video. The alien is setting itself up to unite with Bowman, who has now assimilated his shadow (HAL) - the alien figured that if Bowman overcame HAL, he would disconnect HAL's 'brain', which would then trigger this video to start. However, it was ultimately the case that the alien hoped that HAL would defeat Bowman, i.e., that Bowman would not be able to re-enter the ship, or that he would die while doing so and thus not be able to disconnect HAL. In this scenario, the three astronauts would be revived and then they'd physically move the diamonds to their final destination; then after this, the aliens and Satan would 'share' in a kind of 'evil empire' that would have been established. In any event, the fact that HAL kills the three hibernating men, means that in the end, Satan cheats the aliens out of their diamonds, which represents the media Jews cheating the radical feminists out of victory. After Bowman has physically exited Discovery One in his pod, per Floyd's instructions, he passes through the stargate, which as was said earlier, depicts Bowman's movement through a wormhole connecting Jupiter space with Earth space. Also as stated earlier, Bowman is here moving backward in time several million years as well. The alien needs Bowman not only to move through space quickly, before he dies, but it also needs Bowman to see the various images representing conception, such as the fetus-like image shown at above left, so that he will see the need to be reborn. In one sense, all of space is here being depicted as a womb. Bowman must also transit through the circles of Hell (above right), experience the beatific vision, etc.

After Bowman has been 'examined' by the alien through his dream (the hotel sequence), to see if he 'qualifies' as a suitable being with which it can unite, the moment of conception occurs: The actual 'merging' of the alien life force with Bowman, which began while Bowman was viewing Floyd on the video monitor (recall that the alien was 'storing' itself in the ship's circuits all along), is completed (above left) shortly after Bowman experiences enlightenment. The resultant combined being (above right) is a union of all opposites: good and evil (Bowman and his shadow), Man and machine (Bowman and HAL), the masculine and the feminine (Bowman and the alien), Apollonian and Dionysian, etc. The resultant being is also the personification of Mercurius and brahman/atman. The physical appearance of the being inside the fetus has qualities of both Dave Bowman (its overall facial appearance) and the alien (its high forehead and large eyes). It 'evolves' to the point where it can physically plant the monolith on Earth, now providing the aliens with another opportunity to determine the fate of mankind (development of the use of weapons, the incomplete citrinitas, etc.); and of course, they now have another opportunity to transport the diamonds, which are still contained within the monolith, to Jupiter (or some other planet). Note that the monolith must have moved through the wormhole with Bowman, to go from Jupiter space to Earth space.


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