Saturday, March 10, 2012

2001 analysis - part 27: The hidden plot (cont'd): The events at TMA-1


Top left: The red coloring of the moonbus cockpit represents the fires of Hell, indicating that the two men piloting the bus are are hit men, sent by Satan, to retrieve the monolith contents from the aliens. Top right: The three men in the passenger compartment of the bus, Heywood Floyd (sitting at left), the man sitting to Floyd's right, and the man standing (who says that he "thinks it's chicken" in his sandwich), are all aliens, i.e., their minds and bodies are 'inhabited' by alien life forces. One of the aliens (but not Heywood Floyd) is an informant, working undercover for Satan. Recall that in part 14 of the analysis, we noted that Carl Jung says that the color blue represents the feminine, and that the blue in back of the moonbus indicates that the aliens are feminine in nature. Above left: The man standing at the landing pad control panel when the moonbus arrives, looks like David Bowman in profile (you may click on the screencap to enlarge it). The fact is that this man is Bowman, and he is one of the six astronauts who visits the monolith (the other five being the men who arrived in the moonbus). Above right: The six astronauts at the excavation site. In this view, the men are holding their hands at their sides in such a manner as to suggest that they are about to draw guns, as if there's an element of 'wild West' here. This foretells what is to happen when the men descend into the excavation.

As stated earlier, there is a nigredo at TMA-1 beginning when the monolith starts making a high-pitched noise. Immediately subsequent to this, there is a 'face-off' among the six astronauts, with some of them being killed, by having their air hoses disconnected. For reasons that will be explained later, the 2001 audience does not see this part of the action. We know that Bowman survives this 'showdown' at TMA-1, since eighteen months later, he's on Discovery One.

There is some amount of 'body-hopping' going on among the aliens with respect to men's bodies, at certain points in 2001 - we know that the alien individual who earlier occupied Floyd's body, later inhabits that of Bowman. What happens at TMA-1 is that when some of the men whose bodies are occupied by alien individuals are killed, the aliens within them are not killed; they merely leave the bodies they were occupying, as pure, sentient energy.


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