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Manhunter analysis - part 80: The film's ultimate underlying message (cont'd)

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This post continues the discussion of part 79, of what it is the movie-makers are telling us about what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen regarding various real-life evil parties (an evil Satanic party represented by Hannibal Lecktor, evil high-ranking Freemasons and Mormons, and certain other parties).

Lloyd Bowman is working with Jack Crawford, in that he represents some party in the Freemasons' camp that is ultimately working for the evil Satanic party represented by Lecktor, to betray some of the other Freemasons. The given name Lloyd comes from a surname which was derived from Welsh llwyd meaning "grey."[a] Recalling the multiple-colored screens in Bowman's work area, we note that when two colors that are placed opposite each other on a color wheel are mixed, the resulting color is gray (which can also be spelled "grey"). The indication is that Bowman represents some party that is a mix of one or more sets of opposites.

Jimmy Price is tied in with Lecktor to the extent that he's helping Lecktor defeat the second coming of Christ, but he is ultimately working on the side of Dollarhyde. He represents that component of the Mormons who are loyal to the Freemasons (or at least, to the subset of Freemasons represented by Dollarhyde). The name 'Price' suggests that the Mormons represented by Jimmy Price are, in some respect, performing a service for money, with the 'Dollar' part of the name Dollarhyde suggesting that the subset of the Freemasons represented by Dollarhyde, are the payers for this service.

Dr. Sidney Bloom represents the Greek god Dionysos, the god of ritual winemaking and ecstasy. He is deceiving Will and in this context is working with Lecktor, but he is mainly doing so for personal reasons. He is trying to help Lecktor push Will 'over the edge' psychologically, but initially, the doctor doesn't realize that in helping Lecktor to do this, he is putting his own life in danger: Lecktor's plan is to have Will kill Molly, Kevin, and the doctor. He is Molly's half-brother, having the same father as she does, and was once married to her. Molly is trying to get him to return to her, but he doesn't show up at her residence in Captiva as she had expected. He didn't go there because he was worried Lecktor might have set him up (which he had). In terms of Freemasonry, Dr. Bloom represents the Dionysiac Architects.

Molly Graham, Will's wife, represents the Greek goddess, Aphrodite, and she also represents the Molly Bloom character from James Joyce's Ulysses. She has not only committed incest with her half-brother, Sidney Bloom, but she has also done so with her own son, Kevin. Molly is unhappy being married to Will, and she hopes that he will take the Tooth Fairy assignment and be killed, so that she can be rid of him and return to Sidney Bloom.

Reba represents Rhea Sylvia, who was a Vestal Virgin. She also represents the woman in Revelation 12 in the bible, i.e., the "woman clothed with the sun." The reason Dollarhyde hesitated when he was about to kill her, on the night he had her in his house, was because he had impregnated her when they had sex, and he could sense his offspring within her.

Mrs. Leeds represents the Whore of Babylon.

Freddy Lounds represents not only the tabloid news media, but certain parties in the mainstream news media. That Dollarhyde tortures and kills him, symbolizes that the subset of Freemasons that Dollarhyde represents will seek some form of revenge on certain persons in the media, for trying to help draw them into a trap.

Dr. Chilton is the prison psychologist where Lecktor is held. The name Chilton (English) means: habitational name from any of the various places [in the U.K.] called Chilton, for example in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, County Durham, Hampshire, Kent, Shropshire, Somerset, Suffolk, and Wiltshire. The majority are shown by early forms to derive from Old English cild 'child' + tun 'enclosure', 'settlement'.[b] Dr. Chilton represents that subgroup of Freemasons that is responsible for specially breeding and raising children (like cattle) in the areas in and around the Texas cities of Wichita Falls and Graham, with the name Chilton meaning, effectively, 'child enclosure'; for cattle are bred and raised in enclosures. These children are to be sexually abused by Freemasons in their and other parties' future utopia in southern Indiana, and they are also currently being sexually abused in Texas.


Historically, there has been a relationship between Mormonism and Freemasonry. One similarity between the two groups is that in Mormonism, the greater of the two orders of priesthood is called the Melchizedek priesthood; and in the ritual for achievement of the 19th degree practiced in Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasonry, a system which is popular in North America and Continental Europe, the neophyte is anointed with oil and proclaimed a Priest "after the Order of Melchizedek." Jimmy Price represents the Mormons who are members of the Melchizedek priesthood. Since Beverly Katz represents (a descendant of) Melchizedek, she represents a priest after the Order of Melchizedek. Also, since Beverly can be either a man's or woman's name, the indication is that at least some of the priests after the Order of Melchizedek are hermaphroditic. Katz is pretending to be working with Dollarhyde but is actually working for Lecktor; and Bowman is working with Crawford, for Lecktor, to deceive Dollarhyde. Also, Lecktor (evil Satanic party), Katz (priests after the Order of Melchizedek), Bowman and Crawford (some component(s) of the Freemasons which is aligned with the evil Satanic force Lecktor represents), and Price (Melchizedek priesthood), are all deceiving Graham (representing the Pythagorean Brotherhood) and Bloom (representing the Dionysiac Architects). And, since Bloom is betraying Graham, the Dionysiac Architects are deceiving the Pythagorean Brotherhood.

Psalm 110, in referring to a future messiah of the Davidic line, alludes to the priest-king Melchizedek as a prototype of this messiah. This allusion led the author of the Letter to the Hebrews in the New Testament to translate the name Melchizedek as "king of righteousness" and Salem as "peace", so that Melchizedek is made to foreshadow Christ, stated to be the true king of righteousness and peace (Heb. 7:2). According to the analogy, just as Abraham, the ancestor of the Levites, paid tithes to Melchizedek and was therefore his inferior, so the Melchizedek-like priesthood of Christ is superior to that of the Levites. Furthermore, just as the Old Testament assigns no birth or death date to Melchizedek, so is the priesthood of Christ eternal.[c]

We thus see that the evil parties' messiah is to be someone from among those persons belonging to the Order of Melchizedek.

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