Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Manhunter analysis - part 18: Relocation of the Grahams; Reba sleeps with Francis

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The Graham family is relocated from Captiva.

In part 12 of the analysis, we left off at the scene in Florida in which Molly has opened the door of the Graham home and is greeted by a state trooper. After this scare (the authorities thought the Tooth Fairy might have come to the home), Molly and Kevin are moved to a new residence, so that they will be safe from the killer.

Shortly after the relocation, we see Will and Kevin inside a grocery store. As the two of them begin to discuss the danger the family might be in, Kevin says, "This guy's gonna kill us?" Will responds, "We don't know that yet." Kevin then asks, "When are you gonna kill him?", and Will answers, "I'm not - it's only my job to find him." "This guy", and "him" (in "it's only my job to find him"), ostensibly refer to Dollarhyde, but the Manhunter audience is to infer that they are really references to Will himself. Recall that Will is trying to resolve his psychical dilemma of whether or not he is a killer - he needs to 'find' himself.

In the next scene, Molly and Will are sitting on a pier, and she refers to him as 'William'. This suggests some level of alienation between the two of them. Next, as Will sits in an airport restaurant, he looks at his reflection in a window next to his seat and says to himself, "It's just you and me now, sport. I'm gonna find you God damn it." Once again, we get an indication that it is himself whom Will is trying to find.

The following scene takes place at Gateway Labs, where Dollarhyde works - this is the scene in which Dollarhyde first meets Reba. We have already noted that in this scene, she tells him that he "speaks very well", and that at one point she tries to put her hand on his face and he stops her from doing so. Next, after Reba has agreed to be driven home by Francis, with there to be a special stop on the way, we have the scene in a veterinarian's office, where Reba and Francis are allowed to view an anesthetized tiger. Here we notice that as Reba rubs the tiger with her hand, Dollarhyde, who is standing at a distance, behaves as if he is in a mild state of sexual arousal, as if Reba is rubbing him (see the two screencaps below).

During the next sequence of scenes, which takes place at Dollarhyde's residence, we notice that after Dollarhyde and Reba are done having sex, and after Reba has gone to sleep, Francis puts her hand over his mouth. It is as if he is now 'taking back' his having stopped her from touching his face in the lab scene; he is 'letting' her follow through.

Above left: At Gateway labs, Francis doesn't want Reba to put her hand on his face. Above right: Later, at Francis's house, Francis pulls Reba's hand onto his face while the two of them are in bed together.


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